UGH !!

Prepare yourself! This blog post contains angsty photos in which this dainty little lady attempts to make her look more "edgy". 

Okay read on.

a couple weeks ago Nik (@nikxcix) picked me up from my house and we sat in his car talking about the crappy parts of our lives. This is our thing. We just sit and get mad and I think it's honestly hilarious but also quite healthy at the same time. My whole life I've never been one to get angry. In every bad situation or argument I've had with someone I'm always sitting there (possibly crying), not saying anything at all if not apologizing. Now I'm not saying in these situations you're suppose to get angry at the other person or do anything you'd regret once you're in a more settled down state of mind, but getting out anger is a necessity when feeling it. 

You see, anger is an emotion and emotions demand to be felt (I'm not trying to quote the fault in our stars don't @ me). If you don't express your emotions in some way, preferably a healthy way, then you just keep it pushed down in the pit of your stomach. Do you know what that does? It makes you have stomach ulcers.  

Trust me. I know first hand and those little suckers hurt. 

So, what do we do? How do we get out our anger?  

Yours might be different than mine but it's still an option to try. You might think it's funny tho. I literally just... got mad. Make silly faces or scream or something! Even throwing something or breaking something (harmless and not of worth. Please don't throw valuables at people 😂). These little dumb ways of getting out anger really help. You gotta purge out all of these pent up emotions so they don't rot inside of you and make you feel even more icky. If you're sad, BE SAD! Cry to sad music, go for drives in the rain, etc. These emotions need to be felt. 

I always thought growing up that it was bad to be sad or get upset in anyway and that I always had to be happy. Ironically, the only way to be happy most of the time is to let yourself feel what your body wants you to feel.  

Anyways, I'd love to know how you guys handle emotion. How do you cope? What are ways you get mad?! Comment them (even if they're silly).  

I love you guys!  

Much love, Sarah Rae  

(photos by Nik Roberts)

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