The Poppies with Gabe

A few weeks ago my good friend kenzie and I planned a shoot with Gabe to go to this mustard flower field. We were are really excited to go and had the whole thing planned out only to get there and find out it had been plowed :( We ended up making a night of it anyways (like always) and going to the Baked Bear to eat away or feelings of the pretty yellow flowers being cut down.  

Then while talking in his room I was determined to find a good flower field to shoot in. So I went hard on the internet  (basically just a google search) and after pages of scrolling and reading 10 blog posts I found it... the poppy field! And no I'm not talking about the one in Alpine, Utah. 

I showed Gabe and we were blown away we HAD to shoot there! We then planned a sunrise shoot and I ended up not being able to go because of family things I had to be at the next morning, but somehow Zoe was already awake and willing to go so I was so happy Gabe had someone to take up there!  

After seeing all of their GORGEOUS photos, I just HAD TO GO!! So next thing I know, Gabe and I are on the road to northern Utah.  

We got there and it was even prettier in person... except the 15 cars of people that were there with the same idea we had 😂  

We ended up totally making it work and having the most amazing shoot. If you didn't know this my favorite flower is a Poppy. Not just because they're pretty and everything (which they are) (heart eyes) but because my grandpa's nickname was Poppy and he was my best friend all growing up. He had past away a few years back (from cancer at about 65 years old) and it really took a toll on me and everyone in my family. So I guess these flowers remind me of him. 

I absolutely loved this shoot and had so much fun with Gabe, as always.  

Enjoy the photos!  

Much love, Sarah Rae  

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