Disco shoot with Canyon

A few weeks ago I decided to go full hippie and chop my bangs... I was nervous but I'm totally LOVING my new hairstyle! If you ever feel bored with your hair or want to do something different, DO IT. Yes, there's that chance it'll look awful or you'll just hate it, 

but guess what? it's hair. It grows back. There's also the chance you'll feel like Stevie Nicks blessed you with her all mighty woman powers.. No?Just me? 

I'm glad I took a risk because now, I feel like this new wave of confidence was gifted to me by the hair gods. 

After feeling great about the new look, I though well why not do a fun photoshoot with the 70's theme? So I texted my good friend Canyon with this whole idea. I even found this cute little Air BnB camper to use! 

It turned out to be absolutely PERFECT! I hope you enjoy the photos:) Canyon is so talented and even made a video with the photoshoot! Check it out...

Feel free to leave a comment of any funny hair stories! 

Much Love, Sarah Rae

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