My Secrets to Long Hair SSHHHHH!

ALL of my hair is real and no, I don't wear extensions. I seem to get that question a lot the past few years as my hair continues to grow to the point it gets caught tucked into my pants when getting dressed in the morning. Growing long hair can be a long and frustrating process. I've almost always had long hair my entire life. I practically was born with a full head of hair. So, for me, it's always been easy to grow it out once I've had it cut short. Although I've always had long hair, I did chop my hair to my shoulders in 8th grade and was still able to grow it to about my belly button 6 months later. So since I've been growing it for some time I've gained knowledge that might be helpful for those that want not only longer hair, but also healthier and stronger hair. 


1. NO MORE HEAT DAMAGE. Almost every girl is self conscious about their natural hair look. I even get insecure about my hairs natural wavy, crimpy, way to it when I don't curl or straighten my hair. Although you may think its ugly, it's not. Its beautiful, and it deserves to have its time to shine! I've come to love the way my hair looks when I just get up and go in the morning.

Let me tell you why ending constant day to day curling and blow-drying is the best thing I ever did to my hair. I'm not a scientist. No I don't know the exact effects wrapping your hair around a burning hot iron will do, but I do know it's drastic. In about 9th grade I didn't put any source of heat on my hair for an entire year straight. My hair grew about 7-10 inches in length, and grew back thicker and stronger. Just this tip alone will make a huge difference to the overall health of your hair.

2. TRY TO STOP USING HAIR TIES OFTEN. I use to always have my hair up in a pony tail or some sort of side braid but I've learned that the synching of the rubber band on your hair is actually (in the long run of course) slowing down the potential growth. 

Another example in how hair ties can damage your hair is the pulling on your roots. When having your hair pulled back in a high bun/pony a lot of the time its pulling on the hair from around your face and can cause a stunt in growth of those certain hair roots. This was a big one for me. I use to do dance a lot and for practice I always had to have my hair out of my face. I had noticed that some areas around my hairline were growing a little thinner. This terrified me! I mean who wants to be that 16 year old girl that has a receding hairline? the answer is NO ONE. So i read up on new ways to do my hair or what I could do to make changes.

Heres what I found:

First, I was curious of new ways I could style my hair but still keep it out of my face when at practice, at the gym, etc. I found that even just doing a lower pony tail is a huge improvement and releases so much strain on your hairline. Why? Well when tying you hair higher up onto the back of your head, your hair tie is trying to hold up the weight of you hair. It might not seem like much but overtime if can cause some thinning. So, by lowering the ponytail you're releasing the strain because the weigh isn't needed to be held up.

Second, I wondered, well if my hairline is already thinning more than my liking then what can i do to get it back to thick and healthy? I found that using an eyelash type wand and dipping it in Coconut oil and/or Vitamin E oil, it can promote healthy regrowth.




3. NO MORE CHEMICALS. This is a hard one for every girl. Most of us do some sort of bleaching or coloring to their hair. I mean who doesn't want something different every once and a while? It wasn't till about a year ago that I decided to stop going to the salon so often, but I will say it was one of the best decisions I've made. I chose to go a little more natural with my hair but keeping the ends blonde so that the regrowth would look natural. My hair grows so much faster now! 

I will say I don't follow these rules to a T. I do have to curl my hair occasionally for photoshoots, and sometimes I don't have enough time to wash my hair and so a pony tail is the only thing that'll work. Although, I've still noticed a HUGE difference in my hair length, thickness, and overall health. 

I hope this helps you if you're looking to grow you hair to it's authentic mermaid lengths! ;)

Much love, Sarah Rae


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