5 Steps to Traveling Cheap


This past year I have gone a lot of places and have seemed to have self fueled my travel addiction. Google flights is now my homepage on my laptop and the rush of adrenaline I get when I book a plane ticket is indescribable. After going to one country, I couldn't stop there! I need more adventure. I need to learn more about different cultures. I NEED MORE PASTA FROM ITALY! Trust me, if you tasted the spaghetti in rome you'd be screaming that one with me. 

So, how does one get to travel this much? We all know how expensive a round trip ticket to Paris can be. No, I don't have millions of dollars. No, I'm not using my dads credit card. I use my own money for every trip. A lot of you are confused on how that can be possible so I've decided to share all my tips on how I travel so cheap.

Before I continue, I will say that no matter what traveling is expensive. I spend almost all my money on going places because that's how I want to live my life. I learn about the world by traveling it. It's so important to me, so that's what I choose to do with my paychecks. 

"Paychecks? How do you work and still get to take time off to travel so much?" 

This is a question I get daily. I don't work a 9 to 5 job. I don't work for any specific company in general. I model for local companies where I live (Salt Lake City, Utah) and I also work as a marketer for lots of companies. This is a nice job to have because I can mostly schedule my own work schedule and I'm able to take time off whenever if I need to but most of the time I'm able to work even while I'm traveling. I absolutely LOVE what I do and being able to have creative freedom with my job is so important to me. This is why I didn't last long at a regular desk job, because there is absolutely no creative freedom. You're told what to do, you complete the task, you get paid. What's the joy in that?! I'm not trying to discourage people. I know a lot of people who work these sort of jobs and absolutely love it! For me, not so much.

So, onto the good stuff...



1. Google Flights. I mentioned earlier that this was now my laptop homepage. This is the best search engine I've found so far for cheap flights. This is the same sight I used to find $400 roundtrip tickets to Milan Italy, $300 roundtrip tickets to Mexico, etc. This sight will save your life! I search cheap flights everyday.

2. Try to fly from a hub airport. For example, I try to fly from Salt Lake City airport but tickets are more expensive every time. So instead I'll find tickets from Los Angeles Airport and they're sometimes less than half of the price. Plus, there are always flights from Provo, Utah to LAX for as cheap as $50.

In order to travel cheap you have to be able to take the long way. My roundtrip flights always have layovers in other cities. Don't expect to find a $400 roundtrip ticket to Paris and expect to have a nonstop flight there and back. By all means, traveling cheap is not as comfortable as many may think, but it's ALWAYS worth it.


3. Use apps like Momondo. Momondo is another flight search engine I use sometimes. Its about the same as Google flights so I guess It's more for if it works better for you. Some say Momondo is easier to use than Google Flights so that's what they use.  

4. Allegiant air and packing light. Allegiant air is an airline that travels to a lot of airports in the united states. I use this airline whenever I go to Los Angeles and back because the most I've ever spent is $120 on a roundtrip ticket. The only downside to this airline is they charge for luggage, and quite a lot. So whenever I do use this airline I only pack a backpack and it's free! I used Allegiant when I flew to Honolulu Hawaii in October of last year and it was only $300 roundtrip and all I did was pack a backpack. 

5. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Saving money and being frugal is one of the hardest things especially for my generation. All we want to do is spend money on In n Out burger and Urban Outfitters. It's disgusting, I love it. Even tho it's harder than The dragon level on Cash Bandicoot, (I really hope there are people out there who know what I'm talking about) its not impossible. An easy trick to saving is taking a certain percentage out of every paycheck and putting it away to save up. Even if it's only 10% it adds up fast and you'll be outta here in no time! 

I hope you use these tips to go somewhere because I believe traveling is SO important. I wan't everyone to experience the growth that I have because I've been to so many different and interesting places in the world. Growth is essential for every little bean, like myself. We learn so much and are able to connect it to our own lives and better ourselves and eventually make this world a happier place. 

If you end up going somewhere by using my tips comment where you're going!




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