When life has you down there are two things that will brighten your life a little bit.  

1. Life long friends  

2. Tacos  

Let's just say I needed this recipe ASAP so I called up my friend Kristin to go get tacos..... in Mexico.  



Early in the morning on March 19th we set out on a plane from Salt Lake City to Puerto Vallarta, and the entire flight we were aching, complaining, and impatiently waiting for the sun. That's all we wished for during our spring break and we definitely got what we asked for. 

Touching down in Mexico we could see the blue water and pretty palm trees covering the ground and I couldn't help but smile knowing I was about to spend a week in this pretty country.  

Matter getting off the plane our next step was the bus ride to Sayulita. I was told before the trip that the bus ride is "sketchy" and they haul in this massive bus loaded with people through the jungle. I was told getting a taxi would be more expensive but much more comfortable... but Kristin and I agreed; Sketchy over expensive anyday.  

So we started through the jungle and I was a little disappointed because the bus ride was smooth, air conditioned, and not "sketchy" whatsoever. I was hoping for a mariachi band and live chickens in the back.  

When arriving in Sayulita, we had no idea how far our Airbnb was compared to the bus stop so we paid a taxi 60 pesos to take us..... a block away.  

Our Airbnb was magnificent to say the least. I loved this little jungle treehouse too much and I didn't want to leave at all. We spent the best days in Sayulita and most of which were walking through the jungle, beaching, and eating as many tacos as we could get our sandy little hands on.  

RIP beach bod.  

Speaking of... one of the best places we are at was Chocobanana. This place was delicious and if you ever get the chance to go here get the Vegan breakfast bowl and the chocobanana milkshake. Those were my favorites by far. 

On our second day, we were told by some local surf instructors that there are some prettier beaches further south and your able to see the sunset. Ever since I went to Hawaii with Kristin we have become active sunset lovers, so hearing about these magic beaches made us pack our bags and head out for the trek immediately.

After a good long walk through the jungle and hiking these steep hills we found ourselves at the prettiest beach I'd ever seen. Absolutely no one was in sight and we had the whole beach to ourselves.   

When the sun was approaching the water and the sky was turning more pink and orange than blue, we sat and watched the the water shine and the clouds light up the sky. I don't think I've seen anything in person quite like this sunset. It was as if I was in dreamland and everything was more colorful. The sand, water, palm trees, the clouds above us, etc. 

We continued to return to that beach for the next couple days we were in town.

I fell in love with Sayulita for it's old surfer vibes and nice people EVERYWHERE you go. I had a hard time saying goodbye.

After Sayulita, we took yet another long bus ride back to Puerto Vallarta. 

Puerto Vallarta is the more "city-like" part of the area and is a lot more modern than Sayulita in a lot of ways. I did like it but not as much as Sayulita. 

When we arrived at the bus station back at the airport we took a taxi from their. This was a bad move. We paid about 350 pesos when we could've walked further down the street and caught a taxi for less than 100 pesos. So if you're ever traveling to Mexico take note of that. 

Our airbnb was a private room on the top floor apartment of a little organic cafe called Organic Select. I was very happy we chose this place because it was around $40 per night and you got free healthy breakfast every morning! Plus the design of the place was so cute and comfortable for us couch surfers. 

Every day was the same from here on out and I didn't mind the routine one bit.

Here's how it went:

Wake up.

Eat a yummy quinoa breakfast bowl.

Pack a lunch for the beach.

Go to the beach.

Watch the sunset (yes we literally spent all day on the sand).

Go to town for dinner.

Go back to the airbnb.

Needless to say, I had a pretty intense relationship with the sun. Luckily we had sunscreen. 

This trip was so amazing and I really needed that lazy vacation type of trip with a really close old friend. I think everyone does, it's good for the soul. 

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