Sad girls guide to being happy

We've all delt with sadness at one point in our life. Some more often than others, and some more severe. I wish I could say I'm always a happy person but I've gone through depression just like most of us and it always comes up here and again. My point of this blog post is not to dwell on the past or the sad parts of life but rather share how to help pick yourself up a little. This is not a "down in the dumps" sort of post at all. I want it to be more like a place of comfort, where you all can find things to help you if you're ever struggling. Heaven knows we all do.  

When I think about happiness certain memories pop into my head. Like going to Disneyland, or camping with close friends and singing old 80's songs in the most out of tune voices, laughing about memes until I'm crying, etc. What is similar about all of these memories? Think about it hard. 

It was never about me. During all of these favorite memories and happiest times of my life, I was always with someone I loved. Now, I thought more about it. Maybe happiness is when instead of focusing on your own sadness and your own life, focus on others. Even if it's so minuscule you can't really tell you're contributing to someone else. Just being there for someone is even enough to spark some smiles.  

When I realized this in about April of my senior year in high school it completely changed my life. Not noticeably. Just in my head. The world was not a dreary place and most importantly, I was not alone. I realized human existence is built upon human interaction. You were made to be with other people. So, if you're stuck in your own head constantly worried and sad about your own life then.. where's the enjoyment in that? 

I will say without a doubt some people need special help with depression and chronic depression and anxiety are very real. I am not demeaning them whatsoever. BUT for every dealing with sadness of any extent, there are solutions for you.

Here's a big list of them:

#1. Take care of your body.  

Exercise is so important for you! Not only for our body's but the effect it has on our endorphins and mental state as well. I can't tell you how many times a simple run through the park changed my attitude. Workig out isn't always just about changing the way you look. It's about bettering yourself in all aspects. It's about taking Time for yourself to make sure you're healthy. 

#2. Talk to someone you trust.  

I think the worst thing I've done to myself was not allow myself to be open about how I was struggling. Thinking to myself "no one wants to here your sob story" or "don't be a downer". This is a very scary place to be. You can end up hiding more and more until you have no where to go. Talk to someone. This helps more than anything. Even just having someone there to listen and comfort you is SO important. Talk to your parents, a sibling, a close friend, someone you trust to help you in any way they can.  

#3 Listen to happy music  

This sounds dumb but music is a very powerful thing. It can make us feel very strong emotions! Here's a list of happy tunes I like to listen to, to help bring up my mood:  

Always Alright by the Alabama Shakes  

Sweet Disarray by Dan Croll

Days by The Drums  

Rivers and Roads by the head and the Heart

I'll Be There by the Jackson 5  

Earned it by Bootstraps  

Bruce Wayne by Memoracks

Electric Indigo by the Paper Kites  

Let Go by RAC  

Open Your Eyes by STRFKR  

Chocolate by the 1975  

Flowers in Your Hair by the Lumineers  

Ophelia by the Lumineers  

Someday by the Strokes  

The Wolves and the Ravens by Rogue Valley

Alive by Emprie of the Sun  

Starman by David Bowie  

Patience by Guns n Roses

Don't Stop me Now by Queen

Sugar by Maroon 5  

Elephant by Tame Impala

Now, fair warning we all have different taste in music so this may not be for you. I'm simply sharing what I like to listen to to get myself smilin' again.  

#4 Cry it out  

Yes I really mean that. Cry your heart out!! Get all the tears out, watch a sad movie, sing along to a sad song, do whatever you can to get out the sad emotions so they're no longer inside of you. Being sad is not a bad thing. You're human we all feel emotions and it's healthy to express them so you don't feel sad anymore and allow yourself to be happy again! 

#5 Serve Others  

This is a big one. Focusing on others helps so much even if it's just a simple greet at the store. Smile and wave to everyone you see. Simple human to human happy interaction gives our little hearts hope for the world and will brighten up your life a lot. I struggle with doing this since I'm more on the shy side, but every time I get myself to be a kind stranger I feel so much better!  

I hope this helps those of you who are struggling and please know that this is a place of comfort. Comment your thoughts! Share what makes you happy!  

I LOVE YOU ALL, Sarah Rae 


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