Venice and Verona

On Thursday morning I woke up with a food-hangover from the room service we had ordered the night before. We each had 3 dishes including desert, so I woke up STILL full.

Since we were nervous about our previous morning experience of sleeping through 8 alarms, we all set about 5. Luckily it woke us up but we were only able to get about 3 hours of sleep. So, with bags under our eyes and bed head we woke up dancing to music and stuffing our 50 pound bags and eventually, escaping to an Uber. I'm not sure if it's only it Italy or other places too but the Uber's aren't cars like a Prius or Honda. We rode in an Audi. Like the nicest Audi I've ever seen. I've come to understand that Milan is a very expensive city to begin with so this only  made sense.

The architecture was what made me fall in love with Italy. Even the train station was incredible and prettier than any building I've been to in America. At this point we were rushing to the train with our heavy bags as it was still dark outside and I thought I was going to be able to sleep on the train but instead we took the time to learn a bit of Italian as well as French to prepare for the following week.

About an hour later we got off the train.. at the wrong stop. After struggling to communicate with the train station officer we bought another ticket to Venice.


TIP: Its very easy to get confused and lost in Italy. Make sure you have a map handy and learn a little bit of the language or you could be screwed.


On the train to Venice we sat next to this really nice Guy named "Giacimo" (pronounced Jack-imo) but we called him Jack. We was on the train heading to his studies where he studied architecture. We talked with him and became train buddies and when we arrived he was kind enough to help us talk with people about where we could leave our luggage for the day while we walked around. He was really cool and we appreciated his help a lot.

Venice was so magical. Yes Indy and I were stared down by creepy men a few times and yes we were looked at like we were crazy people when we were running around dancing in front of a camera but we didn't mind.



We decided we had to take the little fancy boat tour no matter how expensive it was. 30 minutes for $80 euro?

Worth it.


Our boat was all fancy and our boat guide was even wearing the striped shirt and everything. He told us all about Venice and how much it has sunk since the city was first built. It was beautiful. But also cold.

Running into the first warm restaurant we could find, there were closed until noon so we went to the cathedral to look at the art and talk in the pews for a few minutes. I loved it because the art in the Cathedral was incredible! I've never seen art that old in my life and the detail was almost unbelievable.


Lunch was amazing and my pasta was so good I almost cried. Anyone who knows me, knows that I eat food extremely slow. I don't know why exactly I guess I just take tiny bites and like really enjoy the taste. But during this meal I swear I looked at it. Took a bite or two. Looked back down and it had vanished.

The train to Verona was way longer than expected and the phrase "sleep is for the week" that we kept saying for the past few days hit me hard and I guess I'm a weak person. I was SO tired but couldn't sleep on the train because I was worried we would sleep through our train stop for Verona.

Upon arrival we tried to look for an Uber but sadly there isn't any in Verona so we had to take a taxi. Looking out the window at the city and over the river as we drove to the hotel, I began to get butterflies. This place is literally the city of love. I wanted to pretend I was Juliet and I was waiting for my Romeo but sadly Cooper wasn't getting on a plane any time soon.


When we arrived at the hotel called the Altana Relais Verona,we were greeted by the nicest receptionist. She showed us the suite and I was stunned by the view. This was truly the prettiest city I've ever been to. Indy and I put on more pretty dresses and spun around smiling and having fun for the videos and photos. It was breathtaking!


After meeting with the media director and Receptionist of the hotel, we were off to the city right across from the bridge. All night we roamed the streets of Verona on our bikes and ate pizza. I will definitely come back to Verona to stay longer than just one day.

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