Los Angeles to Milan


I never really liked Los Angeles. Don't get me wrong I love California. Cooper (my boyfriend) used to live in Ventura, this little surf town full of families and it was very welcoming and so beautiful. The beaches in California are all so pretty and of course it's nice to have 72 degrees and sunny year-round. But I always thought the city was dirty and the people were rude and selfish. Every time I had traveled there was for work and I guess going to castings full of other girls just like me but more strung out, skeletal-like, most often hungover from 5 lines of Coke they did with local super stars the night before; would definitely lead me to thinking of the city that way. After this weekend, I'm now beginning to think I just never experienced LA like it's meant to be.

Upon arrival, we took Uber everywhere. No, I'm not just quoting a rap song. We literally took Uber everywhere. Even if it was a few blocks away because Indy's boots were NOT made for walkin'. (Although worth it because she looked bomb)

The first day we stayed with Tyson French, a Utah Instagram celebrity that got wayyyyy to famous for the SLC and moved to LaLa Land to pursue his career as a photographer. Trust me, that explanation is suppose to be funny but not totally a joke. I've personally been a fan girl over his photography and have followed him since the good ole' days when "photo shoots" were with your iPhone 3's in your backyard and edited with classic Instagram filters like 'Valencia' (my personal favorite). So yeah I'd say I'm a TRU fan. In all seriousness, meeting Tyson was lovely. He is such a sweetheart and hilarious and I'll miss seeing his dancing in his Jetta to Troys basketball solo heard in the all famous High School Musical. Really... this kid can dance. And sing (sorta opera so prepare yourself if you ever get the pleasure of listening). And also make us all laugh until we were on the floor gripping our stomachs and crying.


While staying in Los Angeles for the weekend I also had the pleasure of meeting Lola and her cute roommates. Lola and I are signed to the same modeling agency and so it was nice to hear her take on what it's like modeling in Los Angeles full time. Indy is most likely moving in with them to Hollywood (I'm secretly a mess, indy don't leave me), so we spent a lot of time with them playing meme games and evil apples, STILL laughing until we were crying.

The last night in LA we stayed with Moreen and her cute dog Fellini. Moreen is my mothers best friend she knew in Coos Bay Oregon every since Elementary school. I've never met Moreen but as soon as I met her we were instantly chatting for hours and giggling about a younger Naomi Mayne (my mom) and how adventurous she was. There was one point where I was sitting in Moreen's living room and looked out the window and she looked at me and said "oh my gosh you look like your mom when you just did that" and honestly that's the biggest compliment I've ever received because my mom is the most genuinely beautiful human being on this earth.


On Sunday we went to the Griffith observatory to fulfill Indy's and I LaLa Landobsessions. It was actually really pretty but a little foggy. But we had a good time and got some good pictures.


Before our flight on Monday, we decided to get some brunch. Moreen told us about this Cafe and it was the cutest place I've ever been. Chalk full of lovers and strangers talking to one another on decorative wood tables and marble counter tops. We were worried we wouldn't find a table to eat when I spotted a little table we could pull up a 3rd chair to sit. As we were sitting and waiting for our food, Indy realized there were drawers on each side of the table that were full of receipts with messages on them. Love letters, him + her's, little stories, etc. and one caught my eye and I took it with me.


Los Angeles you have successfully one me over. And my experience just goes to show that there is opposition in everything. You might think a place is awful but just try to see the good and be hopeful and it may completely change your view. The people in LA are so motivated and inspired, it's a great place to be if you're a hard working artist. There's a million of those here.

Finally we were on our way to catch a plane. To ITALY. Well, London actually but then ITALY. Like the country. It wasn't till I got on the plane at 8:40pm on Monday night that I felt the anxiousness and excitement. Here I am again, a little old Sarah Rae with a 49 pound bag (one pound off to paying an extra $50. Don't judge... I've got a lot of pretty coats. Heavy ones.) ready to adventure another strange place.


In that moment 2017 seemed pretty epic to me.

While on the plane, well, actually on every plane I would always play sudoku and it made the trip go way faster. Even if I was super anti social and my brain hurt from too many numbers.

About an hour out from landing in Heathrow London Tristen seemed to have the giggles and it made all of us laugh at EVERYTHING. Talking about missing tea time and attempting an authentic British accent. If you don't follow us on Snapchat you're missing out because our 12 year old boy humor comes out in 10 second long clips to put together a short comedy film. Trust me. You don't wanna miss it. I laugh way too hard being around these two, and I couldn't have asked for better traveling companions. Except for Ryan Gosling. He would've been a good traveling companion.

In all seriousness, it is crazy how much I've realized traveling has changed my life. Without it, I would've never met Indy nor Tristen who are now two of my all favorite people on this good green earth. I would've never hiked to the top of a Buddhist temple in Thailand (or almost killed by a crazy Thai lady but let's focus on the pros not cons). I would've never learned how to be assertive and look out for myself-still learning. I would've never learned how to be outgoing and push myself to meet people. I would've never made the friendships I have, and MOST importantly,


I would've never been able to experience the beautiful, scary, heart thumping, difficult, incredible world that been given to me to roam.


I am not the person I was a year ago because of where I've been, and I'm still going.

 ..... yep I'm on another plane. After a quick stop in London we were off to Milan for the next couple days.

We arrived at the airport and immediately had a list of things to do:

1. Change into nice clothes for a business meeting because we had been on a plane for a day and smelled like 💩

2. Find out where our hotel was located

3. Pray that the taxi to the hotel (which we figured out was an hour away) was not going to make us broke on the first day in Europe.

Luckily everything went smoothly and the taxi was affordable.

As we arrive to our hotel it was so hard to not look like tourists because every cute lamp post or cool statue we were gasping and jumping like Indy whenever we talk about Harry Styles. Our hotel, specifically was breathtakingly beautiful. As soon as we step into the elevator to head to our suite I had chills. I've never stayed in a luxury hotel before and the photos I had seen of this one was, well.. magnifico!

We step in through the door and are welcomed by the prettiest little suite equipped with pink tulips (my favorite), and a balcony with an amazing view.


We had a DELICIOUS dinner with Alec the media director of the hotel. The food was so amazing and I could eat till I looked pregnant but decided I'd rather be able to run around instead of being so round to have to be rolled :-)

So we got in our pretty dresses, put some red lipstick on, and look some clips running around the hotel room. We had so much fun until we looked at the clock and noticed it was 3 in the morning. The time difference screwed us up and we ended up staying up WAYYYY too late and sleeping in through our scheduled breakfast.

Way too late as in- We slept in through 8 alarms.... 8 OF THEM.

I woke up to the hotel phone ringing off the hook and looked at the time shocked that it was almost 1pm. I ripped open the curtains and yelled at everyone "WE SLEPT IN" I was LITERALLY the mom from the movie Home Alone waking up in a panic.


An hour later we were ready for the day. Had another incredible meal from the Townhouse Galleria Restaurant and then explored around the Duomo and the city. The one thing I couldn't get over about today was the little bakery we went to grab desert. This bakery was called Marcheri and let me tell you, it was perfect. We walked into an all green velvet room with amazing views and little pastel colored menus. We each spent $20 on two tiny pastries but those two itty bitty pastries changed my life so I can die happy... and broke.


One of my favorite parts of Milan was the square by the Duomo. There were pigeons everywhere and they would just fly on us and it was so fun.

They particularly liked Tristen...


At the end of the day we wounded up at our hotel room tired and contemplating renting bikes for a couple hours. I was too lazy to get out of this comfy bed so Indy and tristen went with out me saying out the door "you're gonna regret it!" And they came back showing me photos and I really did regret it.. When they returned we decided that since it was our last night in this AMAZING hotel, we had to order only the best sounding food from the room service.

Let's just say we were too busy taking photos and video of us with the food because it was.. ehh how you say 'esthetically pleasing'?

This was the perfect opening to our Europe trip and I'm so excited to see what the next cities have in store for us 😍

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