We woke up on the 10th of February in Verona Italy at 5:30 am. Just like the last morning. Breakfast was served to us complimentary of the Altana Relais Verona Hotel and it was delicious! After hurrying to get ready, we were on our way to catch a plane. I don't know why we are always running late to things, but of course we were and this flight could NOT be missed.

After a scary long stressful ordeal at the airport we miraculously made it on the plane to Rome.

During the plane ride I was feeling pressure in my ears and it was building up and not going away no matter what I did. Upon landing I finally popped one of my ears but the other was still not popped. It didn't bother me all that much so I just decided to wait it out and let the pressure leave as the day went on.

We took a taxi to our next amazing hotel. This hotel was the Sheraton Roma and guys it is amazing! I especially loved the food at the restaurant.


After getting checked in we had to meet up with a travel agency for a Vespa tour. This was the highlight of my day. Our guides were so funny and also historically educated to a T so it made for an amazing day. Riding through the streets of Rome with our cute red vespas laughing and throwing our hands in the air, sorta felt like a less sweaty and hectic Thailand experience.


Rome is a dream. I had heard bad things about Rome and how it's not all that great etc. but as we ventured around the cobblestone streets for 7 hours completely taken away by the art and beautiful buildings, I was very confused on how someone could say anything bad about this place. I 100% fell head over heals in love with Rome the first hour of being there. I never wanted to leave.


One of my favorite things in Rome was the people. In the other cities within Italy all of the people weren't totally fond of us American tourists but we met the nicest people here. I absolutely love making friends and the fact that we made friends in Rome Italy on the other side of the world was so cool to me.

This is why I travel.


Another thing that blew me away was the Trevi Fountain. Of course all of the art blew me away equally but the Trevi fountain was particularly beautiful. I could see myself living in the little apartments and having lunch by that fountain every day. That'd be the life.

When it was almost sunset we decided to rent a little bike trolley for just the three of us. It was really fun but hard to pedal and I definitely got leg day in lol. Biking around Italy is something I highly suggest to do. It's not expensive and it's so fun to get lost and explore.

As we were on our way back home the pressure in my right ear had increased so so much and I was on the verge of tears until I got alone time and then balled like a baby. I had no idea what to do to keep the pain down and on top of that I had to be on a plane to Paris in a couple days and I was convinced my head was going to explode. So I googled what to do and Uber'd to the pharmacy. Nothing they had was American and so I tried my best to explain what the problem was and what I needed to help it. After 30 minutes i think we got it sorted out and she gave me a couple things that she claimed should help. After taking them the pain is gone but I still can't hear out of my right ear. (Pray for me)

This night was the night I was most excited for. Why? Because we could SLEEP IN. We had been running on only 2-3 hours of sleep every night since we arrived in Italy and it was really taking a toll on us. So at 10:30pm I hit the hay.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel. At the Sheraton they had this huge buffet breakfast in like tables and tables full of yummy breakfast food and I had wayyyyy to many pastries. They were so dang good. After breakfast we took the rest of the pastries up to our room to get some shots of it on our beds for the hotel. We continued to shoot video and photos for the Sheraton in the morning before we set out for the city.

I decided to wear all pink because that's my favorite color and I brought one of my favorite dresses I own and of course it's pink. Even tho as I walked down the streets of Rome everyone was looking at me like I was crazy while they were wearing winter coats. But it was 65 degrees and Utah had been 5 degrees so I was warm. We got an Uber driver and his name was Pasco. He was very nice but his English wasn't very good so he was saying funny stuff I don't think he meant to say like "STOP" when I think he meant to so "great". He also was very hoping to take us to a disco club tonight but sadly we passed the offer haha. 

We got to the city and our first destination was the Spanish steps. They were so beautiful much like everything else in this romantic city. Around the steps were shops galore but it was only stores like Gucci and Prada and nothing was under around $300. We had fun looking tho. 


We walked a few blocks and immediately felt something was missing from our day already. Tristen saw a giant plastic ice cream Cone sign on the sidewalk and ran to it.... we ran right after. Gelato is possibly the best thing to eat while you're in Rome so please, if you ever get to visit Rome, eat all Gelato everywhere. You won't regret it but eventually you'll get a pass to the local VASA because of it so I guess maybe eat it moderately. We filled our tummies with sugar and spilled it everywhere looking like chubby kids at Disneyland (well maybe just me). 

We came across one of the many town squares and saw that there was a place we could rent Segways by. Thinking it would be super expensive but curious anyways we found out it was only $15 for an hour so we rented them. Yes, I rode mine with a dress and heals on and I felt like a boss. Flying around in circles and almost running over people on our segways, then people were blowing massive bubbles and we could Segway through them. I felt like a kid again. 

At this point we were feeling our stomachs growling so we kept walking to find a place to eat. We passed by a few places but weren't feeling what was on the menu and then we finally passed a place that had outdoor seating so we just went there and ate spaghetti. Now I can cross off "eat spaghetti in Italy" off my bucket list. 

Once we were full we walked to attempted to find the Trevi fountain on our owns because we heard it was beautiful at night. We winded down the streets for a while and asked a couple people where to go as they just pointed in a random direction and said "there" so we just kept walking and thought "eventually we'll end up there. Sure enough, there it was, Beautiful as ever.

After fulfilling our needs of the day (sort of. Not enough of Rome I tell ya I never want to leave), we decided we wanted more sugar so we walked until we happened upon a place with deserts that looked delicious. If you're wondering, they were amazing. Even though now I'm going to die of too much sugar.


The trip back to our hotel was fun yet sad. We all did not want to say goodbye to the city. Waving at the coliseum as we drove away made my heart ache. I will never forget this City and I'm a changed person after experiencing it. It's going to be really hard to replace Rome and how much I'm in love with it. 

Getting back to our hotel rooms we needed to check what time our flight was, and realized indy couldn't find her itinerary. It showed in her account history that the transaction to buy it was processed but there was no ticket showing up on her account. Tired and now stressed, I'm hoping Indy finds her ticket. 

Pray for us lol.  

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