Margaret O’Leary

Get ready for the comfiest and cutest sweaters. Ever. 


I really don’t know how this company gets their clothing so dang soft, pretty sure it’s magic. I can’t stop stroking my sleeves every time I wear one of their sweaters, and I also seem to fall asleep at any time because it feels like I’m just cozied up in a little cloud.


Another reason why I love these items is because of how simply cute they are. I can pair them with almost any outfit! It’s so easy to style and curate outfits with their simple design. For example, with this outfit all I had to add wear boyfriend jeans and a hat and I was out the door! 


Head over to Margaret O’Leary‘s official website to shop for yourself, or for someone you love since getting closer to the holidays!

Much love, Sarah Rae 

Sarah MayneComment