Studio with Autumn and Josh

While Josh was in town he was staying with his good friend Autumn (@autumnnicole_) which is also one of my good friends! We all decided we had to shoot something more on the creative side. So, we head out to shoot at Photo Collective Studios in Salt Lake City. 

Photo by Autumn

Photo by Autumn

I had about four outfits set out for the shoot and on the last one, we drenched my hair. There was about 15 minutes left on our time in the studio and most of that was spent trying to figure out how to not get everything soaking wet.. It was a fun shoot and i really enjoyed making the art:)

Even tho Autumn is a great friend of mine, I hardly get to see her, so it was so nice to hang out and catch up. She's so sweet and I admire her photography so much! I hope we can catch up sometime again soon.

Sarah Mayne