"Another road trip with a stranger" is what this post should've been titled, seeing as Josh and I had only met just weeks before during my trip to Oregon. While I had visited Joshua asked me if I wanted to tag along while he was planning on passing through Utah and to Colorado. I had never been to Colorado so it seemed like a fun opportunity to road trip with a friend and meet some more inspiring people. 

Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

On our first night arriving there, we met up with a couple of Josh's friends Marshal (@marshalljamess) and Jesse (@vortique), and of course they wanted to shoot. So we ate some food and got to know each other a little bit and then we drove up to a lake.

On the way there Marshal had some music playing and I was unnoticeably bobbing my head along to it. I loved the music so much! He showed me the band and it was Adult Jazz... Never heard of it. He then explained to me that their album Gist Is is not only amazing but also the only one of their albums I should listen to. Sadly, the rest wasn't as good in his opinion. (I agree) Now I listen to the album daily.

We got to the lake and it was so beautiful there, it was the most perfect backdrop! 

That night we stayed at Marshal's cabin and watched this amazing movie called Memento, which i had such a hard time following because it is filmed in such a confusing and backwards way. It was really unique and different from the majority of movies nowadays, which made me enjoy it.

The rest of the trip, we stayed with Josh's cousin and adventured around colorado shooting every day. Turns out, his cousin is an incredible artist and teaches at a local community college in Denver. We even were able to shoot in his art studio which turned out to be pretty cool. He showed us lots of interesting movies like Under the Skin (which gave me nightmares), and The Gate.

I loved everyone we met and all the inspiration they gave me. It was an amazing trip and I can't wait till I can return! Go ahead and check out the rest of the pictures below. :)

Sarah Mayne