A Weekend in Portland

Only a few days before this trip I was in LA for work and got to meet up with my good friend Gray Anderson (@graydenpapers). As we were shooting and catching up on the beach in Malibu, he mentioned he was going to Oregon for a client and asked if I would like to come. Since the Pacific Northwest is my favorite place in the world, how could I say no?

I flew home for a day, and was off the next. This trip was only five days long, but it was so fun and well worth the 13-hour drive each way. Gray and I had the opportunity to meet amazing photographers and friends, like Hanna Walters (@demurela), Thatcher (@idkpdx), Jason Kent (@jasonkentx), Josh Abels (@joshua_abels), and Joaquin Sabarots (@sabarotsj). I felt so blessed to be able to work with some extremely creative master-minds. The thing that is so cool about these artists is that they're all so young. They're fulfilling their dreams and making their passions into careers at such young ages. It was a privilege to be able to create photos with them. 

One of the coolest parts of the trip was when Thatcher took us to this recently abandoned school just outside of Portland. While looking for an open door, the creepy vibes were surely settling in vividly. After an hour of shooting inside the dusty hallways and torn up rooms, I was able to finally get comfortable and shake off the nerves of being inside this truly terrifying place. As you can see in some of the photos shown above captured by Hannah (@demurela), we were able to create some very cool artistic photos. 

I hope you enjoy these photos and how they capture our amazing trip. Hopefully Gray and I can return to Oregon soon! 

Sarah Mayne