PNW with the crew


Well, I guess two trips to the Pacific North West was not enough for me... we left again with the crew. Cooper (my boyfriend), Spencer, Brendan, Hannah and I leave once again to explore the lovely green and wet states of Oregon and Washington. Talking books and music with the quirky Oregonians. Stopping through the forests yelling war screams (the boys, mostly). Continuously getting claustrophobic in the tightly packed Subaru, and most of all getting completely drenched in the rain. 

We drove all night and ended up in Portland on Thursday at about 9am. We were all so tired that we fell asleep only about 30 minutes after arriving but, because we only had that day to explore 'Portlandia', we woke up 3 hours later and out the door again.   

Sleep deprived, yet all of our faces seemed to have that weird contagious grin showing as we began venturing around the city of torrential downpour. 


It was raining so hard, and that's exactly what we wanted. We experienced it all; rain, fog, good food, coffee, and spent hours in Powell's Books. To put it simply, our half-day in Portland was so wonderful and I hardly wanted to leave. 

One thing you should know about these boys is that they are definitely night owls. Every night was the same. Staying up at 2am and watching something like Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Which of course, is NEVER a "I'll just watch one episode" type of series. 

So the next morning, I headed to the gym early for a few hours while they continued to hibernate a little longer.  

Once we all got our morning dose of caffeine, we were off to the big mountain. Mount St. Helens, that is. The winding road lead us up to the look out - where sadly, we just could see a wall of fog and clouds. Still, we ran around and danced in the rain. There really seems to be nothing to stop us from having a good time.   

On our last day, Curt and Sara took us around downtown Seattle. Curt and Sara are my boyfriends aunt and Uncle that live just outside of the city. They are some of my favorite people, and I always am so happy to see them whenever we visit. 

We ventured the Seattle Art Museum (aka. The SAM) viewing some of the most beautiful art pieces. Then, Pikes Place Market where they have the yummest little Russian pastry shop 'Piroshky Piroshky'. And of course the space needle.  


This trip went by way too fast and I wish we could've stayed a little longer because of how much fun we always have visiting.  

But, I've got another plane to catch.... 

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