Sarah Rae Mayne
Sarah Rae Mayne
Live. Love. Experience. Go Now.
Photo by Joshua Abels

Photo by Joshua Abels


Who is Sarah Rae?

I was going to start this off in so many different ways, but all of them were either too self-critical, or an odd opinion of my personality. So, lets try this the right way by simply explaining to you my likes/dislikes, my passions, my hobbies etc. Telling you what a day in the life of Sarah Rae would be like. 

I am an extremely sensitive person. I like to think I'm compassionate towards others and I’m a very good listener to friends that need a shoulder to cry on. And yes-I am that girl that will cry seemingly forever, after that really sad movie or novel. It’s borderline embarrassing and laughable how much salty water can pour out of these eyes once the credits begin to roll. Although my emotions can tend to get the best of me at times, I like the fact that I feel deeply.

Without a doubt, my quirks and oddities are what make me. Others will think I'm really shy upon first meeting, but as soon as I’m comfortable with a person it’s easy for me to get rid of my cares/insecurity and relax. I love to dance even though I wouldn’t exactly call them quality dance moves. More like a bad version of something you'd see from that one scene from The Breakfast Club where they're all jumping on tables and running through bookshelves. As terrible as my dance moves may be, I can promise that you wouldn’t be bored! I tend to only sing along to the guitar or percussion in a song, making little “do do”’s or “la la”’s. (Also paired with those dance moves we talked about earlier) 

Some of my favorite musicians are; The Neighborhood, City & Color and The Paper Kites. I love to draw and paint. It’s a therapeutic exercise for me. Hours could pass by as I draw people and landscapes. New Girl is my all time favorite TV show, and I’ve seen every episode at least three times-still counting. 

I am a passionate person. I love my career and won’t say that I’m lucky to be able to do it for a living. There was no luck involved in the process of becoming who I am today, because I simply made it happen. If a person really wants something, they're going to make it happen no matter what. I have been through many experiences and I wont call any of them bad ones because I never allowed them to negatively effected me. Each experience a person goes though YOU have the choice of taking it one of two ways; Allow it to cripple you, or let it make you stronger. I am one of the happiest people today because of the simple knowledge that I’m able to live my passions even when my passions have been deemed “unrealistic” to most people. There’s so much more to me than what is written on this page but I’d like to still be somewhat of a mystery to the world. 

I’m so excited to start the next step in this journey, and most of all I’m excited to share it with all of you! 

Sarah Rae XOXO